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2048 Cupcakes is an online game created with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is one of the most popular versions of the 2048 Game. In spite of the popularity of the original 2048 Game, the Cupcake version is also becoming more popular day by day.

Images of different cupcakes are used instead of just numbers. Everyone loves the game due to the fascinating look of the cute cupcakes. The Cupcakes are arranged by ascending order according to the calories they contain.

Every time two identical Cupcakes get merged; they create a new Cupcake. The goal of the game is to create the maximum Cupcake named Rainbow Cupcake (5000 Kcal).

The Game Window

The game window has two main sections: the score section and the 4x4 grid section. The grid section has four rows and four columns which are capable of holding sixteen cupcakes. The game ends if the grid is full of Cupcakes and no possible move is left. The corresponding tile values of the Cupcakes are visible at the bottom-right corner of the tiles.

How to Play

You can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the tiles in four different directions. If you are playing the game on a touch screen device, swipe to move the tiles.

Every time you press an arrow key or swipe the screen, all the Cupcakes move in the same direction. If two identical Cupcakes are in the same direction, they merge into a new Cupcake with a higher value.

If you move the Cupcakes by mistake, press the Undo button to go to the previous state. The game state will remain the same even if you reload the webpage.

Every move creates a new Cupcake (either a Vanilla Birthday or a Bubblegum Pink). First of all, try to merge the smaller Cupcakes and then focus on the bigger ones.

Try to join as many Cupcakes as possible. But, if you don’t have a perfect plan and move the Cupcakes in random directions to score high, then it is definite that you won’t get to the maximum Cupcake. You have to be patient and aware of the future moves.

As a beginner, you may fail to score high. But as soon as you understand how the game works, you’ll start to love the game.

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