How to beat 2048 game

To beat 2048 game Just follow these three simple rules.

First rule:

The first rule is to select a tile from any one of the four corners and not to move it in any other directions.

The selected tile
The selected tile

All you need to do is to select any of the four corners. For instance, if you select the top left corner, you will be finally making the 2048 tile in the top left corner. You should not move this corner tile in any other directions. Only then you can build the 2048 tile successfully.

Second rule:

You should try to move the tiles only in two directions.

Normally in 2048, you can move the tiles in four directions. But, as mentioned earlier in the first rule you should not move the selected tile. We selected this corner at the top left. So, you should move the tiles only in upward and in left directions.

Keep doing this until there is no chance for the tiles to move in upward and in left directions.

No moves left in left or upward direction
No moves left in left or upward direction

If there is no chance to move the tiles in the upward and left directions, simply move the tiles in the right direction.

Here is a point that you should note: while moving the tiles in the right direction always make sure that the tiles in the top row are completely filled. Only then even if you move the tiles to the right side the corner tile will not move.

Keep doing this. You can easily raise 256 or 128 numbers with that.

Third rule:

The third rule is to double the selected tile (top left corner).

Now, you need to follow a simple trick. Let's assume that you have already made 128 on the selected tile. Now you want to raise it to 256. So,

  • The half of 128 = 64 should be on the second tile of the first row
  • The half of 64 = 32 should be on the third tile of the first row and
  • The half of 32 = 16 should be on the fourth tile of the first row.

Therefore, to make 256 on the selected tile, the value of the tiles in the first row should be:

Third rule - 1

Now if you manage to create a tile with a value 16 as the fourth tile of the second row, you can merge it with the fourth tile of the first row.

Third rule - 2

Therefore, the first row becomes:

Third rule - 3

Now you can, moreover, merge this 32 and 32 to create a 64 tile by moving the tiles in the left direction. Consequently, the first row becomes:

Third rule - 4

You can, furthermore, move the tiles again in the left direction twice and generate 256 on the selected tile.

Third rule - 5

By repeating this same process, you can increase the selected tile to 2048 easily. But there are some difficulties that you will come across.

Difficulty one:

While doing this at times the selected corner tile might move to the left, down or in any other directions. Let's assume the first row becomes:

Difficulty one
Difficulty one

At this point, you need to increase the value of the first tile from 2 to 64 so that you can merge the first and second tile and the selected corner tile will become 128. This is how you can solve this difficulty.

If the tiles like 128, 256 are displaced from the corner, you can easily make another tile in the first row and you can merge them both. But if the number is too high like 512 or 1024, it will be difficult to create another new tile at the corner and merge them both. But, you can still try this out.

Difficulty two:

While making 2048, the lower value tiles like 2 or 4 might get stuck as shown in the table below and it becomes difficult for you to win the 2048 game. So, make sure that no tiles with a lower value get stuck in between.

Difficulty two
Difficulty two

Also, note that in the top row, the numbers should be always in descending order as shown in the table. The first tile is 64, the second tile is 32, the third tile is 8 and the fourth tile is 2. The number value should be in descending order. Same goes with the second row.

If you follow all these three rules and if you keep these two difficulties in mind you can easily win 2048 game.